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WHY iNSTA-Pro Basketball Shot Analyzer...

  • Easily integrate video during basketball practice and get instant visual feedback
    • Shooting
    • Passing
    • Free Throws
    • and much more...
  • Easier understanding - enabling players to visualize the corrections and adjustments they need to make to their basketball skills!
  • Slow motion, scroll or flip through video frame-by-frame
  • Focus on techniques and movements by selecting key positions on the video
  • Accelerated Learning Curve
  • Dual ViEW for looking at two videos, side-by-side - compare to past mechanics

Our Values

  • Practice - Willingness to try new things, and the discipline to follow through on them
  • Review - Self and Team analysis on our quest to provide the best in customer service
  • Improve - Take what we learn and move the bar higher in our markets

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You don't need to be convinced that video review for skills development is crucial. Your issue is more practical. Affordability. Hassle Free. Instantly Available.

Combined with your expertise, and the affordable, portable and user friendly video analysis tool the iNSTA-Pro Basketball Shot Analyzer, you AND your students will see immediate benefit in their basketball skill development after just a few - on the court - sessions... where your student can SEE what you've been coaching them - RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

Through our Baketball Shot Analyzer iNSTA-Club, your students, parents and friends can view your reviews at home on their PC's, after the practice session.

Look at actual Basketball Shot Analyzer Videos (we would be happy to send you a link to a lesson video if you like). Send us an email today with any questions - we'll be back to you in 24 hours or less!

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Unlimited Storage for Archived Videos - We will store up to 50 Videos for you FREE with your purchase of the iNSTA-Pro Basketball Shot Analyzer - however, many of our users like to store many more - particularly coaches and pros.

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Here's What Other iNSTA-Pro Users Have to Say!

Key Features
  • FREE online storage for up to 50 reviews
  • Slow motion using our proprietaryFrame Interpolation Technology; scroll or flip through video frame-by-frame - the key to video analysis
  • Key Position Selector - save upto 5 key positions per video to let you return to the exact same spot over and over (Great for reviewing and teaching)
  • Record up to 10 minutes of video at a time - can take multiple clips from the same video for analysis and comparison
  • Dual ViEW for looking at two videos, side-by-side. Great for comparing to others, or monitoring improvement over time
  • Record & Review in Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Audio and text notes attached to your video - remind yourself what you need to work on - or what worked
  • Mirror images - horizontally and vertically
  • Drawing Tools - including translucent and grid fills for focusing on what you need to improve
  • Motion Speed Timer allows you to time the speed of your mechanics from on spot to another
  • Ask-A-Pro lets you get professional review of your mechanics, directly to the coach of your choice.

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